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Meet Our Goats

We do not have any goats for sale right now. Here is our small herd.



Lulu is our oldest goat at 8 years old. She was in our first batch of kids that our first goat, Daisy (who passed away from cancer in 2018), had in 2013. Lulu is a sweetheart, and loves scratches on the head. She's one of our milkers. She is not for sale.



Liberty is Lulu's daughter. She was born on the Fourth of July in 2016, so of course we had to give her a patriotic name. She has a very chill demeanor (unless food is on the line!), and also enjoys scratches on the head. She's our best milker by far, often giving a half-gallon a day. She is not for sale.



Celestia is as beautiful as her name implies. She is Liberty's daughter, and is registered as Grade with MDGA, and is polled. She is our youngest goat.

Meet Our Goats: What's Happening
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