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About Goat Milk Shares

All the Answers to Your Questions

About Goat Milk Shares: FAQ

How to goat milk shares work?

In Colorado, it is illegal to sell raw milk. You must own the animal in order to drink milk from it. So to get a goat milk share, you must buy part of my herd to receive milk. You must also sign a contract.

Can't I just buy the milk every once in a while?

No. Again, you need to own the animal to receive milk from it, so it is not possible to buy milk from me without first signing the contact and purchasing a herd share.

How often can I get my milk?

We are a small farm, so can only take so many share holders. The number of share holders will vary depending on what their needs are. You can get milk either once a week or every other week.


This is the contract you will be signing when you sign up for our goat milk shares. Please read it carefully and come to the signing appointment with all fees.

About Goat Milk Shares: Files
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